Working at Barnhart

Working at Barnhart


Barnhart's philosophy regarding our most important resource, our people, begins with the understanding that all individuals are worthy of dignity and respect. We also believe that hard work is good and valuable. These basic beliefs drive our practices for hiring, training, and developing our employees.

We know that people are ultimately fulfilled when they perform work that utilizes their natural gifts and personal strengths. It is our desire, and commitment, to help our employees live up to their potential.


Barnhart wants to help you succeed in reaching your career goals. We assess employees along their career path in order to give them a "common sense" guide for growth within the company. We are committed to recognizing performance and rewarding excellence. Why do we follow this philosophy? The reason is simple. We understand that if we are to grow as a company we must identify excellence and support those who support us.


One of Barnhart's Core Values is fairness. Truth is, fairness is difficult to execute every day. So the value of fairness should be viewed as something we gauge over the long-term course of a relationship. Our perception of fairness in a single day might be completely different than over a month or a year. This works out practically in several ways:

Compensation - Our wages and benefits meet or exceed the standards of the marketplace levels for the job descriptions given.

Evaluation - Each employee will receive regular feedback on their performance so that they are not surprised at the outcome of an evaluation, whether positive or negative.

Opportunity - Each position at Barnhart will be open to the most qualified candidate with an eye towards providing people in all communities a fair assessment of their skills, abilities, and experience level. Barnhart is a great place to work, and we want to give many in our communities the opportunity to join us, regardless of race, gender, or other protected classifications.