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When you come to work at Barnhart, you become a team member in one of the fastest-growing and most successful leaders in the industry. Barnhart has locations from coast-to-coast and has truly built a reputation as one of the best, which is why we are seeking the best, the brightest, and those willing to make an impact. If you are a top performer and want to do more than just “go to work,” explore the opportunities we have to offer.

At Barnhart, with hard work there’s no ceiling, and we don’t define your path. You do.

And with locations from coast-to-coast, you have options on where you can live and work. Lives change, and Barnhart’s large network of branches gives you geographic flexibility.

Here are just some of the careers options you have at Barnhart.

Engineering – Barnhart was founded by engineers, and engineers play a critical role in our company.  Engineers that join our team – whether through a college co-op program or after decades of experience in the industry – have a wide range of career options. Whether it's continuing in our robust engineering design department, R&D, operations, sales, or senior management, engineers have many options for success.

Operations – Successfully managing and executing our work is of critical importance.  Our reputation has been built on improving efficiency, staying on or ahead of schedule, and reducing costs whenever possible. Members of our operations team are critical to the company’s success.  A career in operations can be one of the most rewarding and successful paths anyone can take.

Field/Craft – Like engineering and operations, a career in the field can not only be one of the most rewarding, but there is almost no ceiling for a person driven to learn, work hard, and lead by example.  With our many training programs, we help our field personnel continue to grow in knowledge, experience, and opportunities to succeed for themselves and their families.

Sales – Barnhart is committed to being the best in all we do, and nowhere is that more true than in our sales and marketing teams.  Our sales teams interact with almost all facets of our company—from engineering to operations—and their success is critical to the success of the entire company.  This is why we invest heavily to make sure our sales teams are trained and have the tools they need to reach their career goals. Like others, sales is a pathway to career advancement in many areas within our company.

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