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Why Barnhart?

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Our dedication to our teammates and their families extends beyond the standard benefits package.

Barnhart is one of America’s largest and most successful heavy lifting and heavy transport companies.  Our genuine commitment to continued growth and improvement can be attested by our growing network of branches across the nation.  Our record of leadership and innovation within the industry is also widely recognized as we have won more SC&RA Job of Year Awards than any other company.

For some, all of this would be reason enough to join our team, but your decision to join Barnhart isn’t just about us. We understand you are focused on what is best for you and your family. With that in mind, here are some of the practical ways we try to help.

Financial Security and Wealth Building

From our extremely strong 401(k) program to our wide variety of insurance programs, we want to help you and your family build the security you deserve (see our Benefits page).  We also have programs such as Dave Ramsey’s "Financial Peace", which helps you with issues such as budgeting, reducing debt, and creating a sound financial plan for the future.

Marriage and Family Support

Barnhart offers a variety of events and activities to help strengthen your marriage and the bond with your kids. We know there is a reason you work so hard.  By giving you access to programs like JH Outback, Weekend to Remember, Ready to Wed, and counseling services, we want to help you succeed there too.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

We understand the purpose of life is more than what happens during the work day.  Seeking growth in order to become the person you are intended to be is something we want to support. That’s why we have One Team Scholarship to help with college or trade school or provide access to programs like Alpha Course and RightNow Media to help you grow in understanding of matters of faith. Our Market Place Chaplain teams are also onsite to help if you just need someone to help hash things out.

Help Pay It Forward

Barnhart makes it easy for you to give back to your community.  Programs like CoTribute, Barnhart Community Care, and GROVE are just some of the ways those driven to have impact can do so at Barnhart.  Here are some examples of ways we support employees to give back:

  • Supporting Reading and Literacy
    Help students to be proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade so they can read to learn.

  • Stopping Sex and Human Trafficking
    We work with groups to help women permanently escape the commercial sex industry.

  • Backing Microfinance Institutions and Savings Group Programs
    Help the needy in third-world countries learn how to run a business and the basics of financial stability.

  • Helping the Poor
    Providing spiritual and physical support to the poorest of the poor around the globe.
  • Ending Slavery
    We work with partner organizations to help end an evil that many of us thought was dead.  This group works particularly in Southeast Asia.