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In his book, "A Purpose Driven Life", Rick Warren wrote:

“The only really happy people are those who have learned how to serve.”

We share that sentiment and believe that service is a logical and rational consequence once we grasp that everything we are, we own, and around us is from our Creator - including our family, friends, possessions, and environment. Everything comes from the same Source. All of it is freely given to us. All is a gift. Even our work.

At Barnhart, we work hard. We expect excellence. Our goal is to be successful: win work, perform well, make money, and do it all safely. 

From the profit of that hard work we will invest in our people and our company. But we are also deeply committed to using that profit to help meet the physical, spiritual, and mental needs of others. This is our call to serve. This is our purpose.

Making A Difference


Our purpose is more than mere talk—it leads to real outcomes. Barnhart makes it easy to give back to your community.  Programs like CoTribute, Barnhart Community Care, and GROVE are just some of the ways those driven to have an impact can do so at Barnhart.  Here are some examples of how we support our employees to give back:

  • Supporting Reading & Literacy
    Help students to be proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade so they can read to learn.

  • Stopping Sex and Human Trafficking
    We work with groups to help women permanently escape the commercial sex industry.

  • Backing Microfinance Institutions and Savings Group Programs
    Help the needy in third-world countries learn how to run a business and the basics of financial stability.

  • Helping the Poor
    Providing spiritual and physical support to the poorest of the poor around the globe.
  • Ending Slavery
    We work with partner organization to help end an evil that many of us thought was dead.  This group works particularly in Southeast Asia.